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Buckeyes BBQ Grill Utensil Set
Ohio State Buckeyes BBQ Grill Utensil Set
TFW # 2056-01-1051


Ohio State Buckeyes
BBQ Grill Utensil Set

Tailgate cookout at home! Not a real tailgater? Well it depends on your definition. Most of us don't pull up in the parking lot of the stadium and set up camp prior to a Buckeyes game. Most of us have to be content to see the Ohio State Buckeyes in action on TV. But you can still do a "tailgate" by bar-b-queing your favorite gametime snacks on the grill and enjoy them before, during and after the game!

At TFW, we think "tailgating" is great! And it's not limited to the stadium parking lot! "Tailgating" is more a state-of-mind. You can tailgate from your deck, patio, or carport. Wherever you set up your grill, you can tailgate...which to us means enjoying the company of family and friends and sharing your commitment to the Buckeyes.

Grilling is one of those traditions that goes along with football! Enjoy the tradition even more with the Ohio State Buckeyes BBQ Utensil Set. Grill your favorite grid iron foods and do it in Buckeyes style with this unique stainless steel Utensil Set.

The Ohio State Buckeyes Grill Utensil Set comes complete with tongs, brush, fork and spatula. The Buckeyes is laser etched into the spatula. The Set is made of stainless steel, with the Ohio State Buckeyes name on each utensil. Grilling never looked so good! And the Buckeyes logo is laser-etched into the spatula!

Tailgating is really a time to share good times and your love for the Buckeyes with family and friends. A chance to share your pride in the Ohio State Buckeyes with others. A chance to re-live the great Buckeyes victories of the past, while looking forward to the game today!

Make the Ohio State Buckeyes BBQ Grill Utensil Set the centerpiece of your grilling set-up. Show your pride in the Buckeyes while you serve up those delicious grilled treats!

Shipping Weight: 13 lbs.

MSRP: $44.99

TFW Price: $37.88

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