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Seattle Seahawks deluxe bbq grill cover
Seattle Seahawks
Deluxe BBQ Grill Cover

Deluxe BBQ Grill Cover


  • 0.15 mil thick vinyl
  • 3/4" Flannel Lining
  • 30 lb. pull-test stitching
  • Velcro Hook & Loop Closure
  • Fits Grills to 68"x35"x21"
  • Team Logo printed on both sides

Do you tailgate? Most of us would answer "No" to that question. Since we associate "tailgating" with traveling either on the road with the Seahawks, or at least being in the parking area at the stadium for local games. But the term "tailgating" entails much more than that!

In my mind, at least, tailgating means preparing snacks or cooked food for enjoyment before, during, and after the game-regardless of where you watch the game. For most of us, that would be home, in front of the TV. But it's the exciting anticipation of the game, mixed with food and social interaction with family and friends that makes a real tailgater!

For those times when you need to prepare cooked food on the grill, show everyone at the tailgate where your loyalties are with your Seattle Seahawks Deluxe Grill Cover.

The Seattle Seahawks Grill Cover is made of heavy duty vinyl with an inner flannel lining to protect stainless grill finishes. The stitching is rigorously tested to a 30 lb pull test to make for a lasting cover that stands up to the elements. It has hook and loop velcro closures for the ends to keep the cover in place when the grill is not in use. It's made large enough to fit grills up to 68" wide, 21" deep and 35" high.

The best thing is, when the grill is not in use (most of the time) the large Seattle Seahawks logo is displayed on both sides of the cover! This places your loyalty for the Seahawks right outside on the deck, patio, or carport for everyone to see. You show off your favorite team and protect your grill at the same time!

With the cost of grills these days, it doesn't make sense to buy one and not purchase a cover to protect it from the elements. So, since you're buying that cover anyway, why not show off the Seattle Seahawks logo at the same time?

Seattle Seahawks
Deluxe BBQ Grill Cover
MSRP: $49.99  Your Price: $39.88

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You're a committed fan of the Seattle Seahawks. You can hardly wait for the next game. If not at a tailgate party, you're home in front of the TV watching the Seahawks in action. Why not invest in the Seahawks spirit with your own Seattle Seahawks Deluxe BBQ Grill Cover?

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