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Officially Licensed New Orleans Saints Spare Tire Cover

One tough heavy duty vinyl
Saints tire cover!


   By: Cliff Bell

New Orleans Saints Spare Tire Cover

Looking for a great Saints season?

Do you need a spare tire cover?

Why not display the Saints colors right on your spare tire cover?

I don't own a vehicle with an external spare tire. Since I have friends who do, they have assured me that the following points made by the manufacturer (Fremont Die) do matter!

  • Universal Fit
  • Fits Rims up to 16 inches
  • Heavy Gauge Vinyl
  • Elastic Tie Down for EASY FIT
  • Water Resistant
  • Wipes Clean with a damp cloth

TUFF Heavy Gauge Vinyl

I like to get a touch, a feel of the products I purchase. For you, shopping on the internet makes that possibility out of the question. You just have to trust in the integrity of the person describing the product. Perhaps the technology will exist one day to allow the feel, smell, and even taste of products across the net. For now, that possibility doesn't exist. So, I like to give you that chance by sharing my thoughts after getting my hands on the product. Hopefully, you will find my descriptions accurate once you have your tire cover in hand. This is the only way I can gain your trust that Team Fan Warehouse delivers the quality you expect.

When I opened my first tire cover, I noticed how "stiff" it was as it slipped out of its cover. My initial thought was, "Is this leather or vinyl?" It is vinyl and it is tough!

I had to find out for myself what the manufacturer (Fremont Die) meant by "heavy gauge vinyl." So, I took a micrometer and measured the thickness of the material. The result - .025 gauge vinyl! It's designed by Fremont Die to take a beating as a tire cover should!

Universal Fit

Universal fit? Yes and no. Hey, you'd be upset if I told you the tire cover will fit any tire on any vehicle on the road... because it won't! I would lose your trust forever, and I don't want that.

By 'universal fit', Fremont Die means this tire cover will fit all vehicles with rims up to 16 inches in diameter, or tires up to 31 inches in diameter. This fits most vehicle spare tires on the road today. One exception is the large Jeep tires...

When in doubt, I tell my customers, "Buy the tire cover and try it out." If it doesn't fit, just call me, or email and ask for an RMA number. We'll be happy to return 100% of the tire cover cost to you upon its return.

How I found the "Universal Fit" wasn't entirely true!

I received the following email from one of my customers the day his tire cover was delivered...

"I recently ordered and have received a LSU spare tire cover that does not fit my Jeep! How do I return for credit on my credit card?"

Dale P.
Lafayette, LA

What did I do?    (please proceed to right column)


I immediately got an RMA number from our warehouse for the return of the tire cover, and emailed Dale with return instructions. As soon as the tire cover was received at the warehouse, I credited Dale's credit card for the cost of the LSU spare tire cover. That's how we gain your trust and hopefully become your source for all your team logo needs.

Hey, we're all human, we all make mistakes and ours was selling the "Universal Fit" claim without complete knowledge. Now that we know, we let you know. And we are looking for tire covers that will fit the Jeep vehicle spare tires. As soon as we find a good supplier, we'll make them available to you.

Until then, these tire covers do fit the vast majority of car, van, and pick-up truck spare tires on the road today. As I've said before, "When in doubt, buy the spare tire cover." If it doesn't fit your vehicle's spare tire, or you aren't satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just email me for the RMA number and return information. I'll be happy to return credit to your credit card upon return of the tire cover.

Easy Installation

The "elastic tie-down" is actually a .125" diameter bungee cord threaded through a casing running along the edge of the tire cover. The two ends of the bungee cord have loops which you hook onto the spare tire frame to secure the tire cover in place. When you get the tire cover and take it to your vehicle, you slip it over the spare tire and hook the bungee cord loops to the spare tire frame. What could be faster or simpler?

Deal or No Deal?

When I established our price ($44.88) for the Saints spare tire cover, I applied our normal pattern for pricing all our products. I was surprised to look at our major competitors and find that they were typically $5 higher. I double-checked the math just to be sure our price was correct, and...

There was no doubt about my math. However, don't take my word for our great pricing. Please check me out. Seeing for yourself is the only way you will be convinced, and I can gain the trust from you that will remind you to check Team Fan Warehouse each time you need logo merchandise. So I invite you to visit other sports themed sites and compare prices!

Of course, I want your business. But I also want you to know that I will be here before, during, and after the sale to answer your questions, complaints, returns, or compliments. I always like compliments! Give me a chance to earn your trust and I will do my best to make sure you enjoy your experiences at Team Fan Warehouse!

New Orleans Saints
Spare Tire Cover

TFW #2014-02-1019
Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.

Your Price: $44.88

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